Our Team

Dr. Steven Vercammen
Steven Vercammen holds a Master Degree in Disaster Medicine and Management at the University of Philadelphia. He has in addition to his general medical knowledge, a great experience and a broad network in the world of emergency management and disaster relief. Steven takes mainly administrative and organisator tasks within the company.
Dr. Johan Wouters
Johan Wouters has a master's degree in Civil Engineering of Electrical Engineering and a master's degree in Medicine (Ghent University). After selling his previous ICT company Pronoia Ltd. he now leads our R&D department. He is an experienced software engineer with a specialty in large networks with high privacy and security requirements. He has knowledge of many programming languages, including PHP (among others in the Drupal framework), C ++ and C # /. NET.
Eva Degraeuwe

Eva Degraeuwe has a background in Economics and is finishing her undergraduate degree in the science of medicine. Aside from that, she has experience as CEO of the non-profit BeMSA. Within Prior-IT, Eva is focused on sales and marketing of its products.

Dr. Thomas Tackaert

Thomas Tackaert has a master's degree in the science of medicine and is now specializing in Emergency Medicine. He also had many managing functions in mostly non-profit organizations. In Prior-IT, Thomas is responsible for the contact with external partners and customers. He also overlooks the logistics and bookkeeping.

Robin holds a bachelor degree in Computer Science at Ghent University and has a background in electrical engineering. He's very into the iOS development for smartphone apps. He also has experience with web development in PHP, Java and Javascript (angularjs and node.js) and game development with OpenGL.
Android & Web Development
Amy has a degree in Applied Computer Science (Vives College).Amy has a bachelor degree in Applied Computer Science (Vives College) and is a full-stack developer for web and mobile (Android) projects (Javascript, Python, Java).
Maxime is currently reading informatics at the University of Ghent. He manages the Prior-IT systems as system administrator and actively maintains the EVapp backend. He is fluent in Java and Python, has experience with Android and webdevelopment and is interested in automated systems and good programming techniques. Overall an enthusiast student of new languages and technologies.
Sales & Project manager
Hilde is a person of many talents. On the one hand she assists in the general management of Prior-IT, on the other hand she leads the start-up and follow-up of all projects of Prior-IT. Hilde is the main contact person for clients and makes sure to, together with the Prior-IT team, deliver tailor-made projects.
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