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EVapp, which stands for Emergency Volunteer Application, does exactly that. It is a smartphone application that, in case of a cardiac arrest, mobilizes trained medical volunteers to overlap the time between its occurrence and the arrival of the emergency services. If the 112-dispatch center receives a call, they use EVapp to alert volunteers nearby and the application guides the volunteer towards the victim. It also contains the locations of AED’s and will guide the volunteer if one is nearby. By decreasing the time to CPR and increasing the AED usage EVapp can dramatically increase the survival. Don’t have a smartphone? No problem, EVapp can also alert you via text is something happens in your neighborhood.


Greater chances of survival in case of sudden heart failure: CardioService and EVapp join hands
CardioService adds 1,000 AED devices to the civil emergency network

More AED devices and EVapp volunteers needed for faster and more efficient first aid in Belgium

Every year, about 10,000 Belgians become victims of sudden heart failure outside the hospital. The average chance of survival fluctuates between 5 and 10%. That’s not much, but the good news is that we can increase those chances of survival by improving the network of civil aid workers in EVapp and access to AEDs. CardioService, the largest distributor of AED devices in Belgium, is joining forces with the EVapp network to expand the available AED network and increase the chances of survival in case of heart failure. After just one week, CardioService EVapp was able to provide access to 1,000 additional AEDs.

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